Four things to counter dry, wrinkled skin stemming from aging’s collagen loss

A pointy decline in collagen is without doubt one of the explanation why skin turns into thinner, drier and extra wrinkled throughout menopause. In reality, collagen manufacturing peaks across the age of 20 to 25. And on the onset of menopause, girls expertise a decline within the hormone estrogen, which additionally causes a pointy dip in collagen.Progesterone ranges additionally lower, which reduces the manufacturing of pure lipids that preserve the skin wholesome and hydrated. However, by making just a few changes to your skincare routine, you possibly can assist reverse these results throughout perimenopause and menopause.1. Use a barrier restore moisturizerBarrier restore moisturizers comprise lipids corresponding to ldl cholesterol, ceramides and fatty acids that mimic the pure lipids in your skin. Because the skin naturally produces fewer of those lipids with the transition into menopause, many ladies discover dry, flaking skin and accentuated wrinkles. Using a barrier restore moisturizer will assist to replenish these misplaced lipids to restore skin hydration.Note that not all barrier restore moisturizers are created equal. In order to most intently mimic the skin’s pure lipid construction, the formulation of the moisturizer ought to present the Maltese cross sample underneath a microscope!2. Use a creamy or oil-based cleanserAnother essential step to rehydrate dry skin is to use a creamy or lipid-filled face cleanser like Dove or Pond’s chilly cream or a cleaning oil. Avoid foaming cleansers, as these merchandise are designed to scale back extra oil in oily skin sorts.3. Add a vitamin C serumVitamin C is a crucial element in collagen synthesis, so including a high-quality vitamin C serum to your every day routine may also help to increase collagen and struggle wrinkles.4. Add a retinoidRetinoids are one other essential collagen-boosting ingredient you can work into your common skincare routine to scale back strains and wrinkles and even fade age spots. To reduce unintended effects like dryness or flaking, regularly introduce a retinoid into your skincare routine and provides your skin time to modify earlier than growing the frequency at which you apply this ingredient.Bottom lineSkin usually turns into dry, and wrinkles have a tendency to present up extra quickly throughout menopause for a lot of girls, due to declining hormone and collagen manufacturing. You can get forward of those widespread skincare considerations by making these changes to your skincare routine as early as attainable.Meanwhile, speak to your physician to see if hormone substitute remedy or different therapies could possibly be acceptable for you.For extra skincare information and recommendation, comply with @SkinTypeSolutions on social media, or browse the Skin Type Solutions library.

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