TikTokers warned against calamine lotion beauty trend by health experts

TikTok creators warned against utilizing calamine lotion with TikTok emblem

TikTok customers have been urged not to participate within the calamine lotion beauty trend as health experts declare it might trigger everlasting harm to their pores and skin.
TikTok has turn into a vital device for customers selecting up helpful health, beauty, and make-up suggestions which might be inconceivable to search out elsewhere on the web.
Just among the weird however useful traits which have popped on the app embody utilizing socks to twist your hair or prepping your pores and skin for the summer time.
However, a few of these traits have left medical professionals horrified, begging TikTok customers to not attempt them for concern of the everlasting harm they really might trigger. The newest of which is the calamine lotion make-up trend, which might trigger extreme reactions and pores and skin harm.
Calamine lotion TikTok beauty trend criticized by experts
The calamine lotion beauty trend first began getting consideration on TikTok in 2021. However, beauty and make-up influencers have continued to check out the hack in 2022.
Calamine lotion is historically offered in pharmacies as a strategy to soothe widespread pores and skin situations starting from sunburn to insect bites. It can be really useful for youngsters affected by chickenpox.
Although, some TikTokers, significantly those that have oily-skin, have been utilizing the drugs as a primer. Before utilizing basis, they cowl their face in calamine to supply a base for his or her make-up because it supposedly soaks up any extra grease.
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Yet, talking to the Daily Mail, advisor dermatologist Dr Alia Ahmed at Frimley and Barts Health NHS Trusts warned: “Leaving calamine lotion on for extended intervals on areas just like the face, below or as make-up, can result in extreme pores and skin dryness, which is able to manifest as scaly or flaky patches with redness.”
She added that calamine is designed to attract “moisture out of the pores and skin” and likewise “exfoliates.” But, over-exfoliation may cause critical issues comparable to “rashes and sensitivity, and in the end might trigger harm to the pores and skin barrier.”
TikTok has turn into an important supply of data for all-skin varieties to personalize their skincare routine. However, that is one hack that medical experts are hoping will disappear.


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