I’m a skin doctor – here’s 7 common skincare ‘cures’ that are HARMING your health from scrubs to wipes

WHETHER we have a spot brewing or we’re obsessing over our nostril pores, many people will trawl the web trying to find fast fixes for our skin.
And whereas these would possibly assist out briefly, these ‘cures’ may very well be doing your skin a lot extra hurt than good.
2You may not realise that generally used skincare merchandise are really doing your skin extra hurt than good
2Skin doctor Dr Vanita Rattan revealed what’s finest to keep away from, from make-up wipes to baking sodaCredit: OMJ
According to skin doctor and beauty formulator at SkincarebyDrV, Dr Vanita Rattan: “What you placed on your face every day could make a huge distinction to your skin’s look.”
There are merchandise that are “too harsh, too abrasive or comprise poisonous elements”, so it is vital to know what to keep away from so they do not harm your skin, Dr Rattan mentioned.
“With all of the merchandise available on the market, it is arduous to maintain observe of what it is best to and should not be placing on your face. But right here are some no-go’s to keep away from skin harm.”
The skin doctor detailed seven skincare ‘cures’ it is best to steer properly away from.

1. Makeup Wipes
Makeup wipes will be tremendous helpful for eradicating your make-up on the finish of a lengthy day – besides they do not really take away as a lot of the cosmetics and dirt on your skin as you assume.
Dr Rattan mentioned “they do not actually clear your skin”.
Instead, “they have an inclination to unfold round filth and dirt, whereas irritating your skin within the course of”.
Many of us additionally make the error of scrubbing at our face once we’re utilizing the wipes too, which might make our skin purple and infected skin and lead to early wrinkles, in accordance to the skin doctor.

“Using make-up wipes too usually can dehydrate your skin, as they take away the pure oils on your face,” Dr Rattan added.
“They are stuffed with preservatives, chemical substances and synthetic fragrances which might worsen your skin.”
If that’s not sufficient to deter you, there’s additionally the actual fact that make-up removing wipes contribute to environmental harm, “as many are made with non-biodegradable plastic and artificial fibres which clog our sewers, line our seashores and fill wastelands”, the skin doctor famous.
She had the next suggestion as an alternative: “To take away make-up successfully and depart skin feeling supple, use an oil melting cleanser adopted by a micellar gel wash as an alternative.”
2. Pore Strips
Dr Rattan mentioned: “People love pore strips due to the satisfaction of peeling away the filth, particles, and blackheads from the nostril.
“However, the consequences don’t final and aren’t price it, as pore strips aren’t highly effective sufficient to clear pores.”
On high of that, these seemingly helpful strips can comprise alcohol and different chemical substances that are dangerous to the skin and might additional irritate it too.
“Instead of utilizing pore strips, give attention to the underlying concern that causes open pores on the face – enlarged pores, overactive sweat glands, and solar harm,” the skin doctor suggested.
She advised you don a zinc oxide SPF 50 sunscreen each day and converse to your dermatologist about the very best skincare vary to enhance elastin and collagen in your skin, which can assist shut your pores over time.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar
“Apple cider vinegar has develop into common as a residence treatment for zits, blemish scars, and age spots,” in accordance to Dr Rattan, with customers claiming it additionally helps take away moles.
But Dr Rattan burdened that “DIY skincare is unregulated and apple cider vinegar is a particularly harsh, acidic ingredient to be utilizing on your face.”
She went on: “Long-term use of undiluted apple cider vinegar can corrode your face, inflicting everlasting harm to the skin.”
And you should not be leaving the substance on your skin for lengthy durations of time, nor do you have to use it to deal with wounds, moles, or infections because it may burn your skin, the skin doctor mentioned.
“Instead, for discount of hyperpigmentation on the face, includingmelasma, which can have developed over time from UV harm, use a doctor backed facial pigmentation package as an alternative,” she suggested.
4. Baking soda
Baking soda may be very low cost, so it may be tempting to use it slightly than spend cash on acid exfoliants.
But Dr Rattan mentioned: “Whilst baking soda is a pure antiseptic with antibacterial properties, it ought to be handled as a dangerous chemical for the face.
“Baking soda is an alkaline, so can change the PH of the skin, harm the highest layer of your skin barrier which might invite micro organism into the skin.
“If you’re utilizing such a harsh chemical in your facial scrubs or masks, you threat burning your skin, rising redness and irritation through over exfoliation.”
5. Coconut Oil on Acne Prone Skin
Coconut oil will be fantastic to apply to dry skin, Dr Rattan mentioned, however it is best to most likely keep away from it in case you’re struggling from zits
This is as a result of “coconut oil has a comedogenic score of 4/5, which suggests it has a excessive chance of clogging the pores when you’ve got zits-inclined skin”, the skin doc defined.
Instead, she advised you employ a light-weight gel face wash with actives like salicylic acid to unclog the pores and niacinamide to management sebum (oil manufacturing).
6. Walnut Scrubs
You would possibly assume exfolliating your skin roughly is the easiest way to keep away from blemishes or slough off dry skin.
One product you would possibly flip to are walnut face scrubs, which are made from the shells of walnuts and comprise small particles that work to take away useless skin cells.
But Dr Rattan warned: “While exfoliating the skin removes useless cells from its floor, an excessive amount of exfoliation could cause skin harm and small tears on the face.
“Walnut scrubs strip the skin from its moisture and might lead to dryness and even peeling. Your skin can develop into so delicate and broken after over-exfoliation that it will probably simply develop into infected.”
Far from what you initially supposed, “this irritation can then lead to an zits breakout,” the skin doctor went on to say.
“Instead use a blemish exfoliator that is appropriate for delicate skin and advisable by dermatologists.”
7. Facial Cleansing Brushes
(*7*), Dr Rattan mentioned facial cleansing brushes are one other skin ‘repair’ you may want to watch out of.
“A facial cleaning brush is a handheld or battery-operated machine that gently exfoliates the skin and successfully cleanses it of filth, oil, and useless skin cells,” she defined.
“When used with an efficient facial cleanser, a facial cleaning brush can take away pore-clogging impurities and enhance blood circulation within the face.
“However, they are positively not proper for everybody and likewise, pointless to add to your skincare routine. Most folks use facial cleaning brushes incorrectly by utilizing it day-after-day, selecting a brush that is just too agency, or selecting the flawed setting which over stimulates the skin.

“This can lead to over exfoliation, which might disrupt the skins barrier, inflicting it to develop into simply dehydrated and infected.”
Dr Rattan concluded: “My recommendation could be to keep away from the facial cleaning brushes and stick to your fingers.”


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