Shania Twain’s divisive beauty regime uses two ingredients you’ll find in your kitchen — but this expert is advising against it

There is no denying that Shania Twain is completely gorgeous. At 58-years-old, the nation pop queen is at all times glowing – leaving many followers asking: what is the key to her youthful look?The singer has lastly revealed her beauty regime, together with a do-it-yourself cleaning technique for her pores and skin. But one expert has expressed his reservations in regards to the technique involving olive oil and sugar.
© Mike CoppolaShania Twain has a youthful glow
In a tutorial for Harper’s Bazaar, Shania breaks down the do-it-yourself cleaning routine, explaining: “First factor is olive oil. Why do I exploit olive oil? I’ve simply discovered that oil actually does break down the make-up and flushes the pores out.”She continued: “I put olive oil and sugar in the palm of my hand – fairly a little bit of sugar. Then only a couple drops of olive oil, and I combine that in the palm of my hand till I can begin rubbing it in.” This technique replaces a make-up remover, as she simply combines the two ingredients you’ll doubtless find in your kitchen cabinet.”I do not rub it in arduous, very softly. And my pores and skin feels, even with out moisturiser, so good”, she mentioned.Shania has clearly discovered a technique that works for her. But earlier than you go rummaging by your cabinets, Dr Stephen Humble – Medical Director of Hedox Clinic Harley Street – mentioned you would possibly wish to rethink this do-it-yourself cleaning routine.”As a lot as I really like Shania Twain, I feel her recommending and demonstrating the Olive Oil and Sugar Scrub approach is unhealthy recommendation”, he defined. 
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“Sugar’s abrasive texture can irritate delicate pores and skin and trigger micro-trauma, notably across the delicate eye space.”The physician continued: “Olive oil’s average comedogenic ranking signifies that it might clog pores and considerably worsen pimples. Additionally, allergic reactions to those ingredients are additionally attainable, resulting in redness, itching, or swelling.”
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“This cleaning approach could be efficient for a minority of individuals. It will work in addition to many commercially out there abrasive scrubs”, he defined, but added he could not suggest her approach.Instead, Dr Humble advisable an enzyme masks “to exfoliate and brighten the pores and skin” which does not use abrasive microbeads or harsh acids.”For every day use, a cleaning balm is additionally a very good possibility for eradicating make-up and leaving your pores and skin in nice form.”

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