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Many consultants shake their heads once they see cosmetics tutorials with tons of steps. The controversy lies within the so-called pores and skin absorption price, a idea that claims that irrespective of what number of cosmetics we use, the pores and skin can solely absorb a restricted quantity of them. Is it true? Dr. Lía Fabiano, the director of the LF Clinic, explains that “the pores and skin just isn’t a sponge that can take up all the things you placed on it. It absorbs solely the quantity of cream it wants; placing extra on saturates it and is counterproductive. Excess product can result in the obstruction of the pilosebaceous follicles and the looks of congested pores and skin and beauty zits. In addition, the extra merchandise you utilize, the extra seemingly you might be to have hostile reactions or to mix incompatible energetic substances. The advantages of cosmetics don’t improve by making use of extra product or utilizing a larger quantity of them. You should take care of [your] pores and skin based mostly on what it wants with the proper steps, merchandise and portions.” Lucía González, a dermatologist at GEDET and Dr. Morales Raya Clinic agrees: “The very first thing to remember is that cosmetics penetrate via the dermis, which is the pores and skin’s first layer. Some of them can even attain the dermis to behave on collagen and elastin, however the actuality is that they by no means penetrate past the superficial layers. So, making use of layers and layers of merchandise that the pores and skin can’t take up causes an occlusive impact that results in zits breakouts and makes the beauty routine costlier.”What determines the pores and skin now not with the ability to take up extra product?Skin permeability is the pores and skin tissue’s potential to permit completely different beauty actives to penetrate it. “The extra permeable it’s, the simpler the routine will be. That’s why engaged on enhancing its permeability is important. This doesn’t imply that its absorption capability is infinite, however slightly that it’s a matter of selling the utmost permeability that every particular person can obtain. Prepared pores and skin is extra receptive and tolerates layering [different products] higher,” explains Estefanía Nieto, Omorovicza’s technical director. It can be necessary to grasp how the merchandise we use behave. “If we use watery textures, the pores and skin can take up a lot. Oily textures create a barrier impact that occludes the pores and skin and doesn’t permit it to soak up extra,” Nieto explains.Impenetrable pores and skin: that’s why cosmetics don’t have an impact. Has your skincare stopped working? It is necessary to dispel the parable that the pores and skin will get used to cosmetics and stops working. “That doesn’t occur; it’s your pores and skin that modifications. Stress, for instance, will increase cortisol ranges and alters the dermis. It’s not that it has turn out to be accustomed to the beauty product, however slightly that [the skin] wants different actives or textures that we aren’t giving it. But typically the merchandise don’t work as a result of of the impatience of the customers who count on to see outcomes on their pores and skin after three days of use,” says Dr. Lía Fabiano.But many individuals change their routine and don’t discover a lot distinction. “That can occur as a result of the brand new product has a very low focus of energetic substances, or since you’ve been utilizing extra highly effective cosmetics and a weaker one has no impact,” argues Elisabeth San Gregorio, Medik8′s technical director. One of the principle causes that merchandise don’t ship what they promise is the pores and skin’s permeability. Is your pores and skin impermeable? “All skins permit a point of penetration. Impermeable pores and skin is so saturated that merchandise can’t penetrate nicely; a lot of [the product] stays on the floor or even evaporates with out with the ability to fulfill the needs for which it’s formulated,” says San Gregorio.Can we enhance our pores and skin’s absorption price?It is feasible to change the absorption price, however you will need to know that this will depend on a number of components. “Some merchandise penetrate higher than others. It will depend on the scale of the molecule, its focus and texture. On the opposite hand, utilizing merchandise that skinny the dermis, resembling hydroxy acids, or put together it to extend its permeability, resembling toners, is all the time a good technique,” says Lucía González. Dr. Lía Fabiano explains that “the pores and skin absorbs what it wants, nothing extra. But there are particular skincare merchandise that facilitate the penetration of energetic substances. Clean pores and skin absorbs cosmetics higher and common exfoliation to take away lifeless cells from the stratum corneum are important.”5 methods to enhance pores and skin’s permeabilityYes, enhancing the receptivity of the dermis is sweet for all pores and skin varieties since you’ll discover a appreciable enchancment with out having to vary your routine. Products will penetrate higher and ship what they promise. Several consultants inform us in regards to the parts to contemplate:1- Cleansing nicely: The lack of appropriate each day facial hygiene prevents good absorption of cosmetics. If we don’t [cleanse properly], impurities are deposited on the floor, leaving the pores and skin boring, saturated and with blackheads. “I like to recommend a double cleanse: begin with an oily product to take away heavy textures, resembling make-up and SPF, after which end with a gel for deep cleaning. But be cautious! This order ought to solely be revered in cleaning, then all the time go from the wateriest to the thickest,” explains Raquel González, a cosmetologist and technical director for Perricone MD.2- Exfoliation: Not renewing the pores and skin results in a layer of lifeless cells, which reduces permeability, leaving a boring tone and the looks of broken pores and skin. “Acids gently exfoliate the pores and skin’s floor layer, add luminosity, enhance texture and permit the penetration of energetic substances as a result of there are fewer obstacles to reaching the deep layers. Salicylic acid improves acne-prone pores and skin and glycolic acid is sweet for treating the indicators of getting older. Each kind of acid reacts in a sure approach, and you will need to get a prognosis and recommendation from a skilled,” says Dr. Delia Vila of Regenera Clinic.3- The 3-second rule: In Korea, there may be a three-second rule for making use of serums and moisturizers. It consists of leaving a three-second window after cleaning to unfold the serum or cream with damp pores and skin. “After washing the face, the pores are extra open and the permeability of water-based serums and lotions is improved with the moisture within the pores and skin. In addition, after we cleanse the face, we take away extra oil from the pores and skin. In the time between when this occurs and when the sebum returns to steadiness, the oil barrier just isn’t as robust, permitting for higher penetration of energetic substances,” says Raquel Gonzalez, Perricone MD’s director of schooling.4- The appropriate order for layering merchandise: The most typical purpose that merchandise don’t penetrate is the order of utility. “Cosmetics ought to be utilized from lightest to thickest, beginning with water-based formulation and ending with oil-based merchandise. The pores and skin barrier consists of lipids and, if we begin the routine with an oily product, we’ll reinforce that, creating a movie that may stop different cosmetics from penetrating,” Raquel Gonzále says. We ought to all the time apply merchandise from watery to oily. “Toners and moisturizing serums wealthy in substances resembling hyaluronic acid or niacinamide ought to all the time go first. After that, proceed with merchandise which are greater molecular weight. [They include] sure vitamin C serums, copper derivatives and peptides that handle particular issues. Finally, [there is] all the things that serves to retain hydration resembling shea butter, squalane or ceramides,” says Isabel Reverte, the Rosalique technical director.5- Using the correct quantity: Using an excessive amount of moisturizer can go away your face feeling greasy and doubtlessly result in breakouts. Dr. Delia Vila explains “the moisturizer ought to be utilized in enough amount, with out oversaturating the pores and skin…[It’s] higher [done] with a gentle therapeutic massage that promotes ]whole absorption.” And what’s the applicable quantity of product? “Generally, it will be the equal of a pea for the face or an almond, together with the neck and décolleté. When it involves spreading it, it is rather necessary to take action with comfortable massages, with out stretching the pores and skin as a result of this repetitive movement can trigger wrinkles and sagging tissue. It ought to be completed from the center of the face to the chin from the within out with small massages. On the brow, [you should go] from the underside upward, and on the neck, [use] upward actions,” Dr. Lía Fabiano of LF Clinic notes.So, do routines with tons of steps make sense?The Korean routine with a number of layers and merchandise goes in opposition to some present developments resembling beauty fasting and skinimalism. How can we select the one which most closely fits our pores and skin? “It will depend on one’s way of life, pores and skin kind and particular wants. If there are numerous issues to handle, full routines with a lot of steps are the only option, so long as we put together the pores and skin to be in a position to take up them,” says Raquel Gonzalez. On the opposite hand, folks with pores and skin that’s saturated as a result of they apply extra product than they want “ought to go for the regulation of much less is extra, though to get it proper, it’s all the time necessary to see a specialist to evaluate the pores and skin’s situation,” Dr. Delia Vila notes.Sign up for our weekly publication to get extra English-language information protection from EL PAÍS USA Edition

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