Worried about ‘Ozempic face?’ Here’s what to know about your face, aging and this drug

Ozempic® (semaglutide) and Mounjaro® (tirzepatide) are injectable prescription drugs which can be used to assist folks with sort 2 diabetes higher handle blood sugar. Recently, Ozempic and Mounjaro have develop into common for his or her weight-loss advantages as properly.You could have additionally seen experiences on-line that this medicine speeds pores and skin aging, leading to so-called “Ozempic face.” However, this shouldn’t be true.In truth, reducing blood sugar can really gradual aging by stopping an aging course of generally known as glycation. For a few years, we’ve recognized that folks with uncontrolled diabetes age quicker due to their excessive blood sugar ranges. Lowering blood sugar helps to stop aging.What is “Ozempic face”?“Ozempic face” is a time period that refers to a number of the generally reported unwanted side effects of utilizing Ozempic for weight reduction, together with elevated traces and wrinkles, sagging pores and skin and a “hollowed” look. But these signs don’t happen due to elevated pores and skin aging attributable to Ozempic, somewhat because of fats loss within the face.Think of dropping facial quantity as going from a grape to a raisin: With much less quantity to “fill out” your face, you could be left with wrinkles and drooping pores and skin. This can happen with weight reduction from any trigger, not simply from weight reduction from semaglutide or tirzepatide injections.How to restore facial volumeThere are plenty of pores and skin remedies that may assist to restore misplaced facial quantity. One of the most well-liked are injectable hyaluronic acid fillers, which may rapidly change any fats loss within the face and easy away wrinkles and creases. We advocate utilizing dermal fillers as soon as your weight reduction has stabilized to guarantee the most effective outcomes.If you lose over 30 kilos, you might also have pores and skin laxity due to such vital weight reduction. In this case, non-surgical pores and skin tightening remedies like Ulthera could also be an choice.Bottom lineMany folks have success utilizing Ozempic and Mounjaro to quickly shed weight. While it’s a fable that these drugs pace up pores and skin aging, you could expertise decreased facial quantity with fats loss within the face when you lose over 15 kilos. Talk to your dermatologist about the most effective dermal fillers to deal with “Ozempic face” and restore facial quantity.Dr. Leslie BaumannFor extra skincare information and recommendation, observe @SkinTypeSolutions on social media, or browse the Skin Type Solutions library.


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