I make natural beauty recipes – a piece of fruit and pantry staple create an anti-aging remedy to help you look younger

AN web video has revealed the proper recipe for ‘clean and child pores and skin.’
The substances are all natural, there’s solely two of them, and each are possible already lurking within the cabinet.
3Ada Nwaimo made an anti-getting old pores and skin masks out of bananas and cornstarch
3After mashing half of a banana, she blended 1/2 a teaspoon into a bowl of cornstarch till it was dissolved completelyCredit: TikTok/@adanwaimo
Ada Nwaimo, or @adanwaimo on TikTok, started her natural beauty video with mashing half a banana till it was the creamy consistency of child meals.
She then provides 1/2 a teaspoon of cornstarch, and beats it till it’s fully blended throughout the combination.
This is had been Nwaimo highlights that this beauty remedy is ideal for “anti getting old.”
Nwaimo then instructs her viewers to “apply on a clear, damp pores and skin.”

The combination wants to be left on for half an hour, throughout which the beauty queen (or king!) can do something, from cooking and cleansing to Netlix and chilling out.
After half-hour, Nwaimo mentioned to “wash off and moisturize” the pores and skin.
For optimum outcomes, she instructs, “do that 3 occasions a week.”
Banana and cornstarch is a significantly highly effective pores and skin combination.

Beauty professional Shahnaz Husain weighed in on the skincare masks in Her Zindagi.
“Both banana peel and cornstarch have many beauty advantages. Banana, one of the preferred fruits, is one of the richest sources of potassium and additionally accommodates Vitamin C and B6.”
She continued: “Cornstarch additionally has advantages for the pores and skin, because it accommodates protein and helps to delay the seen indicators of ageing. It helps to strengthen collagen, the supportive tissues of the pores and skin.
“It additionally accommodates amino acids, minerals, and Vitamin A. Cornstarch helps to take in oil from the pores and skin and reduces oiliness, stopping pimples and zits. In truth, it’s good for zits-inclined pores and skin.”
3For the very best outcomes, Nwaimo recommends utilizing this banana and cornstarch combination 3 occasions a weekCredit: TikTok/@adanwaimo


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