How Singapore beauty brand Allies of Skin went from ‘unknown’ to global cult fave in 6 years

It isn’t any shock that (*6*) Travis’ clear and evenly toned complexion is his calling card. After all, in this image-conscious society we reside in, it’s anticipated that the founder and chief govt officer of a beauty firm has good pores and skin.

But it’s definitely refreshing to uncover his wholesome sense of humour, too. Travis, who based acclaimed skincare brand Allies of Skin and sister label PSA Skin: Purposeful Skincare by Allies, laughingly refers to his gleaming Zoom visage as a “glazed doughnut”.

He achieves this shiny impact by making use of a good layer of the PSA Skin Light Up Vitamin C Mask for video calls. Chuckling, he mentioned: “I like that I’m truly masking my face with a product that has 11 per cent Vitamin C and a pair of per cent Vitamin E and no person can inform it’s a skincare masks. Instead, they ask, ‘Wow, why are you glowing?”

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