Slugging – the skincare hack that will fix your dry skin

Having grown up in Norway, you’d suppose that my skin was effectively used to chilly climate.
However, no such luck. Every winter, with out fail, my skin begins feeling itchy, delicate and dry, and up till now, only a few issues have helped fix it.

Being a magnificence author, it hasn’t been for the lack of merchandise to attempt both. From lotions to serums, scrubs, exfoliators and masks, nothing actually appeared to have the ability to give my parched skin the moisture it so desperately craved in the winter.
Then I heard about ‘slugging’ – yet one more Okay-beauty pattern that gave the impression to be sweeping the web and social media.

What is slugging?

To put it merely, slugging entails coating your face with an occlusive moisturiser, most frequently a petrolatum-based product, reminiscent of Vaseline. This, it’s claimed, will assist forestall trans-epidermal water loss – that means much less water will get out of your skin – and will assist restore your skin’s barrier – to even additional forestall water loss and extra dryness.
I used to be intrigued. Could rubbing Vaseline throughout my face actually be the answer to my winter-dry skin? And so I did what I do greatest – I deep-dived into all information I may get on the skincare pattern, and what I learn satisfied me this was completely price a shot.
“Petrolatum does assist dry skin,” explains Dr Angelo Landriscina, a New York-based dermatologist, to

“The steadiness of keratinocytes (skin cells) and lipids are essential for your barrier. Lipids are the glue that retains your stratum corneum, or the outermost layer of skin, intact. Without the lipids, your skin is compromised—as much less lipids in the skin results in transepidermal water loss.”

She continues:
“When the lipids in your skin are depleted, whether or not it’s by your genetic lottery, the setting, or an overenthusiastic peel, the glue is broken and your protecting barrier lets out water. Petrolatum can fix that.”
Dr Shari Marchbein is a New York-based dermatologist who has additionally taken to social media to talk about slugging – and the way she makes use of it herself.

“In fact, dermatologists have been ‘slugging’ for years,” Marchbein instructed Teen Vogue.
“We simply did not give you a cute identify for it. Personally, I do not go to mattress with out it.”
Opt for ‘selective slugging’ with breakout-prone skin

If you have got dry skin like me, likelihood is you will see the largest impact from slugging. However, many consultants are eager to warn that if you’re acne-prone or acne-prone with delicate skin, it won’t be the greatest thought to make use of any product that is occlusive on your skin.
“If you are trapping issues and occluding the skin, there’s positively a possible for breakouts,” Marchbein explains, and factors out that slugging throughout your face is a tough no on very oily or acne-prone skin as a result of it might trigger extra irritation.
However, selective slugging is perhaps a greater possibility for these with acne-prone skin, she reveals.
“If you are acne-prone however need a comparable impact, I’d use a creamy moisturizer as an alternative of petrolatum. Look for elements like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and dimethicone. And then you’ll be able to spot deal with with Vaseline the place you are drier.”
My God, the GLOW
Well, for sure, I used to be hooked. On my subsequent journey into Boots, I made certain to seize an enormous, family-sized tub of Vaseline, and that evening, I slugged my coronary heart out.
First, I cleansed my skin as I’d usually, earlier than making use of a serum I really like utilizing at evening (Nunaia Nourishing Radiance Serum).
And then, lastly, I put Vaseline throughout my face, actually patting it on from my chin to my brow, and went to mattress.
The subsequent morning, I washed my face as per traditional, utilizing only a mushy material and a few lukewarm water – and after I inform you I couldn’t imagine what I noticed in the mirror, that is definitely even an understatement. My total face regarded glowing. Literally – my skin was extra dewy and mushy and totally radiant than I’ve ever seen it – and the impact just about lasted all day.
I used to be amazed.
Slugging had actually reworked my dry, boring, itchy winter skin into the most glowing, radiant complexion of my life – and all for the value of a bath of Vaseline?! This must be shouted from the rooftops, I really feel – heck, each lady in every single place must find out about this – and if you’re but to attempt it, belief me after I say – what are you ready for?

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